Save Money with Solar Energy

Time to Save Money with Solar Energy

Now you, the American homeowner, have the power. You have the power to upgrade your home to solar energy.

  • ZERO upfront installation costs
  • ZERO longer term maintenance costs or responsibility
  • NO worries… just clean energy.

Right now, less than 1% of American homeowners have installed a solar energy systems. That means there are still more than 48 million more homes that can go solar!

Will You Be The Next Solar Upgrade?

Solar generated electricity is the biggest opportunity you’ll find to save money on your monthly energy bill.

Solar energy isn’t just the #1 solution to dirty coal powered electricity… it could also be the greatest financial opportunity you might see in your lifetime.

According to a recent survey (1), U.S. homeowners continue to go solar because:

  • Saving money (82%) tops the list of primary motivator influencing decisions to purchase clean-energy products and services
  • Reducing environmental impact comes in at second place (34%)
  • The most popular reason cited for someone’s likelihood to install solar panels was saving on monthly electrical bills. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said this would have the highest impact on decisions to install solar panels.

STOP Paying MORE for Dirty Energy

For more than a century, you were forced to pay for dirty, expensive, centralized power – you had no other choice.

  • Rate hikes – nothing you could do.
  • Added fees – nothing you could do.

With our team of solar consultants and our network of installation partners, you can power your home with sunlight and save money every month on your energy costs. There is no need for upfront investments to install a solar energy system. You CAN save money on your electricity bill every month.

It all starts with a 10 minute Discovery Call after we check to see if you qualify for a solar installation. Let’s get started to see if solar energy will work for you.

We make installing a solar energy system super easy.

We’ll take care of you during entire solar project from start to finish. Our mission is to help you get solar on your home. Here is an overview of the entire process.

  • Step 1: Collect any necessary information about your installation
  • Step 2: Get a free solar consultation from our experts
  • Step 3: Sign your solar installation agreement
  • Step 4: Review solar panel system design
  • Step 5: Onsite consultation and solar installation
  • Step 6: Turn on your clean solar generated electricity

Getting Started with Solar Energy

Every solar power project starts with a free consultation and free quote. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about your home energy use and financial goals. It’s quick and easy. Every 3 minutes someone makes the choice to switch to solar in the United States.

Will you be next to “Go Solar”?

We’ll walk you through a very simple process to answer all of your solar installation questions. If your ready to go solar, you’ll be upgraded to clean, solar energy within a few weeks.

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Solargies content written and published by Daniel Stouffer.