Commercial Solar Ownership

Getting Started with Commercial Solar?

A better way to upgrade with a $0 down solar system loan

Own your energy and turn your monthly electric bill into an investment – not just another monthly expense. The solar energy system loan combines the benefits of a lease;

  • no down payment,
  • energy cost savings,
  • hassle-free maintenance,
  • and performance guarantees

…with the financial upside from solar ownership. Every commercial project starts with a free consultation, system design, and financial model. It’s quick. It’ easy. It’s free.

Solargies Commercial Solar Energy

Take back your power with $0 down commercial solar ownership.

Solargies seeks to provide the best value in solar. We help businesses “Own The Switch” to solar energy. Solargies partner network has deep experience in commercial solar energy projects. This experience enables Solargies to engineer out of the buying process many steps.

We remove the constraints that make commercial solar projects;

  • long & time consuming,
  • complex to engineer & finance, and
  • frustrating experiences for all parties.

Let Solargies help you – save money by switching to Solar Energy.

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Solargies content written and published by Daniel Stouffer.