It’s time for a SunCrew Solar Evolution!

Dan_team-4Hi, I’m Daniel Stouffer, your solar design guide.

I’ve been involved in the solar industry all the way back to 2006. Today, SunCrew Solaris a rapidly growing team of passionate solar energy guides, assistants, and coaches. We’ve banded together to create a solar energy coop.

As a solar guide, I help homeowners and businesses to upgrade to solar generated electricity by smoothing out the bumps, helping answer questions, and connect those seeking solar solutions with the right technology, financing, and installation companies. I’m here to help you during your solar energy journey.

264698_2101042534425_4937267_nHere’s a picture of my wife and I with our son taking in the fun of a Minnesota Twins baseball game in our hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our company, team of solar guides, and growing network of partners began over a decade ago when solar technology gripped my heart and became a true passion for me, especially residential solar energy systems.

I just can’t get over the idea of self-generating electricity and not needing to use environmentally harmful energy sources and burning more fossil fuels.

Oh boy did things look bleak back a few years ago. It looked like the solar industry was stuck. The recession hit and some very promising solar companies just didn’t make it.

They all tried hard. I think the timing was not right.

But then, about 7 years ago a few came onto the scene with some real promise. They are doing everything right. Growing like wild and making the right connections.

I was lucky enough to get involved in the early stage development of Electrious, an AI drive solar system design platform. This technology is already changing the game related to the adoption of solar energy.

Today, my team is helping solar installation companies across the United States (…and World) put solar energy systems on millions of homes in the coming years.

Our core passion is “going solar” by helping homeowners and business understand how easy and cost effective it all is now.

Actually, the installation of solar energy in many cases will save thousands of dollars. Not cost thousands. Game changing times with the $0 upfront solar loan programs now available.

It’s time to really engage in the Movement to Solar.

There’s that saying… “…it takes a village.” But this is just the beginning.

We continue to build out our solar partner network everyday. We have relationships across the Unite States with solar installation companies, financing partners, and more.

We also work in the commercial and industrial space with a division focused on custom projects with our partners direct involvement.

We are part of the SunCrew Solar Energy Cooperative. SunCrew decentralizes power by empowering people through a new economic ecosystem and social network.

We were inspired by a phone call from Jigar Shah, the founder of SunEdison, who said, “We need 100,000 people to get $10 trillion in solutions directly to consumers in the next decade. You should build that business.”

He recently wrote, “SunCrew is now perfectly positioned to be that network.” We have the solutions. We need distribution.

SunCrew is a distribution model for solutions. We begin with solar because it is the fastest growing industry in the U.S.

We are a consulting SunCrew with the reach to have “boots in the field” getting solar installed no matter the project type.

We have a HUGE vision for our solar future. And we are working hard everyday to make it happen.

It’s crazy to think that when all this got started only about 30,000 U.S. homes had solar panels installed. That was over 15 years ago. Now, here we are.

A new home solar project is completed in America every three minutes – or faster. Across our installation partners, the network is installing over thousands of homes a month. These numbers just continue to go up and up…month over month.

The even crazier development is the expansion in solar energy installations that is occurring because of people like you.

With the help of myself and all of our other solar consultants, we truly are building the world’s largest network of solar consultants and installers.

If you qualify to go solar, within a handful of weeks, a trained team of solar engineers and installation specialists (who have jobs because of people like you) will show up, install the solar panels and that’s it.

It’s Really That Easy?

Envision the near future where energy belongs to the people. This IS happening. Instead of the 6 trillion dollar energy market being concentrated in the hands of a few big multinational corporations, it’s going to be spread out into a decentralized grid of homes and businesses.

Just think how’s that’s going to positively impact society economically, culturally, politically, and environmentally – globally.

Through solar you can store the energy you don’t use or sell it back to the grid. Large utility bills become a relic of the past and soon we’ll all be off the conventional commercialized power grid entirely.

So listen, we believe the time’s now for you to take massive action. It’s time to step-up, join the solar revolution, save money, and go solar on your home.

There’s no catch.

Once you qualify, it costs you absolutely nothing, zero… natta.

What I Want You To Do Right Now!

If you own your home then all you have to do is contact the Solargies team to see if your home qualifies for solar. We need to check to see if you live in an active installation area.

If you do, your journey begins within a few short minutes. A system engineer will contact you lightning fast to start the next steps. We’ll take you through the qualification process step-by-step and get solar panels on your home as soon as possible.

And that’s only just the beginning…

Let’s see if your home qualifies for a solar upgrade.

Every 3 minutes someone makes the choice to switch to solar.

Will you be next?

We’ll walk you through a very simple process to see if you qualify for solar on your home. If you do, you’ll be upgraded to clean, solar energy within a few weeks.

Homeowners… Request Information

Solargies content written and published by Daniel Stouffer.